Divemaster and Internships

Go Pro with PADI and Diamond Diving

This Divemaster rating is the first rung on the PADI Professional ladder. An extremely thorough and character building course that will train an individual in the PADI system of teaching (including some courses that a DM themselves may conduct), assisting instructors on PADI programmes, guiding divers and looking after clients. This is a physically tough and mentally challenging training course that steps things up several notches. It will prepare you for the responsibility of looking after others underwater. The Divemaster course requires a significant investment of time, money, energy and commitment. Please ask for further information on organization and scheduling.

As an alternative to paying for an intense and expensive Divemaster we offer a small number of internships over each season. You will assist in the running of the dive centre for a period of two months and in return we will train you up. Prerequisites include the confidence to talk to complete strangers about diving, a sound attitude to teamwork and getting stuck in, good initiative, a sound sense of humour and being a Rescue Diver. If you would like to be considered for an Internship please e-mail us at info@www.diamonddiving.net with professional and diving CV together with letter of motivation.

It is now possible to do all of your dive theory online, signing up to this will give you a massive headstart on your Divemaster course with us:

It is also possible to cover all of the specific Divemaster course content previously addressed by the manual and DVD: