Getting back into diving after a long lay-off

Course price : €150 including eLearning account, one half day confined water session and one open water dive. 

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It is pretty much essential that you take the time to invest in the ReActivate programme after a long lay-off.  PADI have recently updated this programme to make it easier and more fun to relearn important skills and knowledge that easily forgotten after a period of six months or more out of the water.  It is very often the basics like breathing and buoyancy that go completely out of the window, especially if you dive occasionally with long gaps between dives. A classic example is when you’ve booked an awesome holiday somewhere exotic, and want to ensure you appreciate the diving as much as possible.

PADI eLearning offers the excellent prescriptive multi-media ReActivate Online programme online that costs only €54 for unlimited access for one year. To sign up click on the banner.

Alternatively you can sign up to the ReActivate Touch programme for tablets and smartphones.