Gift Voucher: Offer Diving!









For Christmas, or any other important event (marriages, birthdays, anniversaries etc), be orginal and offer the wonderful gift of scuba diving to your close ones!  They don’t even have to be certified divers (yet ;-)).

Which gift voucher to choose?

Diamond Diving, multi Award-winning PADI dive centre in Golfe Juan offers you gift vouchers:

  • To any financial value that you choose from €50 upwards
  • For a specific course or dive programme such as Discover Scuba Diving for beginners, or a ReActivate programme for “lapsed” certified divers.  Fun dives can be given to regular certified divers.

To know more about the products we can propose you and prices, click here. If you are a bit lost and need any help to choose the right option, don’t hesitate to call Alex on +33 615 305 223.

How can I buy a gift voucher?

To purchase a gift voucher please send us an e-mail at or complete the enquiry form with:

  • the name of the recipient,
  • the name who offer the voucher
  • value, and specific message you would like.

Also let us know if you would prefer an electronic version of the gift voucher or you prefer that we send a paper version by the post (in that case give us the address).

Regarding the payment you may pay:

  • online via credit card,
  • in-store via credit card,
  • by bank transfer (Bank Details)
  • by cheque (Diamond Diving, 11 Rue des Pêcheurs, 06220 Golfe Juan, FRANCE)
  • We also accept ANCV Cheques Vacances.