PADI Surface Marker Buoy

Learn how to signal safely to the surface, a key skill for an autonomous diver.

Course price : €199 including verbal knowledge development, two dives, equipment hire and certification.   

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This is a key skill for any self respecting diver.  Surface Marker Buoys are an important item of dive equipment.  The ability to deploy a delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) should be a given for any self respecting “autonomous” diver.  The skill is a legal requirement under the French “Code du Sport” (the law that governs scuba diving in France) if you wish to dive without a guide in a commercial structure or club structure.

You will practice the skill until mastery and we will have an informal classroom session going over subjects such as tides, specific SMB use in South of France and safe SMB use including stowing and post dive care.

We can also help with your purchase of a DSMB and Reel from our stock in the Diamond Diving ProShop.