Dive Equipment Selection and Purchase for Yachts

Dive Equipment Selection and Purchase for Yachts is not as straightforward as it might seem.  There is a huge amount of choice in the market and it’s easy not to be able to see the wood from the trees. We’ve completely kitted out a number of Yachts in the past and pride ourselves on good service and sensible impartial advice.  We’re often surprised by inappropriate or impractical equipment choices when we get involved with servicing equipment.

Consideration needs to be given to various factors, including location, ease of servicing, type of diving (and or snorkeling) and a sensible spread of sizing across suits, BCD’s and fins.  Plus the degree to which the yacht wishes to be autonomous with it’s diving operations, and precisely why diving equipment is on board in the first place.  All of this needs to be combined with splitting the budget to prioritize getting the best gear in the most important areas.  Careful consideration also needs to be given to the type of suit according to where the Yacht is going to be based for the majority of the time, with associated sea temperatures.  You don’t want those guests being frozen or over-heated!  We can provide options and advice to optimize a given budget.

Typically we’ll discuss with the client to get a good understanding of the budget and type of activity likely to be undertaken.  We’ll then get budget approval and manage the entire procurement process, keeping the client informed at all times.