Dive Equipment Servicing for Yachts

We have a wealth of experience handling dive equipment servicing for yachts, providing a turnkey equipment servicing package including pick up and drop off between Genoa and Marseille.  Previous clients have included some of the most well known vessels in the industry.  The service can encompass compulsory bi-annual hydro-static testing of tanks, annual servicing of BCD’s and Regulators and battery replacement for computers.  We also organize on board servicing of diving compressors including the obligatory annual air quality check.

Other projects that are possible including retesting and refilling of storage tanks for Yachts with mixed gas capabilities, notably 50 litre Oxygen and Helium tanks.  These are typically scoped out and quoted well ahead of time, before the Yacht goes into an extended yard period.  

At the end of the project, we will supply you with a folder with all paperwork, serial numbers and dates of next services to help with continuity and traceability in the case of significant crew turnover.  This will include Bureau Veritas paperwork for foreign manufactured tanks, ANTSI test results for balanced regulators and air quality certificate for compressors.   

To enable us to quote accurately we need photos of all of the equipment, plus the make and models, including confirmation of whether the tanks are manufactured in France or overseas.