OCEAN REEF Full Face Mask


Take your diving to a whole new level with the PADI Full Face Mask Speciality course!
The course will introduce you to the amazing, new experience that is diving with a full face mask. Enjoy being able to breath with both your mouth and nose, as if you are back on the surface and learn the key skills that will allow you to dive safely and get the most out of your Full Face Mask. Check out our page “why dive a Full Face Mask?” wich will enumerate all the advantages to use them and for sur convince you.

This specialty is credited for the Master Scuba Diver rating.

Once you have completed this exciting speciality course, you will even be able to integrate underwater communications to your Full Face Mask, so that you can rule out those somewhat confusing underwater hand signals and tell your buddy exactly what you are looking at…You can even sing if you like! check out our Ocean Reef underwater communication PADI Specialty.


1 classroom session to check knowledge development, and get familiar with the equipment.  This includes setting up the mask perfectly for you before even getting near the water.

1 Confined Water orientation dive to practice skills in a safe environment

2 Open Water boat dives



1 to 2 participants: €399


Included in the price:

  • 3 dives
  • Tuition
  • Half day session in the classroom
  • Diving equipment rental including the Ocean Reef full face mask
  • PADI certification fees
  • €10 donation to Project Aware to save the ocean. We are 100% PROJECT AWARE.


Be certified (junior) Open Water

PADI Medical form signed by a GP