Scuba Diving Services for the Yachting Industry

The purpose of this article is to quickly recap the scuba diving services we continue to provide to the Yachting Industry.  More detail can be found in the soon to be live dedicated section on our website  

As an experienced Instructor and PADI Course Director (Instructor Trainer) based in the Antibes and Golfe Juan area for the past twenty years I’ve handled a large range of diverse projects for Yachts and continue to provide a full range of scuba diving services to the Yachting Industry. 

These services include:

  • Equipment servicing with pick up and drop off back to the boat between Genoa and Marseille.  This extends to compressors, BCD’s, tanks, regulators and dive computers.  Much of this equipment has minimum service intervals to comply with legal and insurance requirements.  We’ve undertaken this kind of work for a large number of Yachts over the years and bring experience, good service and client communication, common sense and integrity to bear on all jobs we undertake.  This extends to hydrostatic testing of storage banks on vessels with technical diving capability.     
  • Advice and procurement of new scuba equipment.  From setting a budget to allocating it sensibly and prioritizing spend on the right gear.
  • Crew training including refreshers and ongoing programmes to keep crew skills up to date and relevant for the diving requirements of the vessel.  This includes understanding the rationale for having dive equipment on board, recommending minimum cert levels for one or more crew members and agreeing a training programme to achieve and maintain that.
  • Consultancy on the legal aspects of diving in France. 
  • VIP RDV diving in the Nice to Sainte Maxime area.  We know how to manage client and crew expectations, and more importantly how to manage risk. 
  • On board diving Instructor for hire for short to medium term missions.

If you have any requirements please do not hesitate to give Alex a call on 0615305223 or e-mail