Cote d’Azur floods

We were sprung out of our beds early Sunday morning by Noemie’s Dad calling and asking us if we had seen the news, and explaining just how bad things were.  Needless to say we feared the worst and driving down the hill from Antibes into Golfe Juan that morning was a humbling experience.  Fortunately the dive centre escaped completely any water damage, and the boats are absolutely fine.  Many of our neighbouring commerces have had their basements completely flooded with stocks and stores written off.  Mud everywhere.  The local baker has lost all of his ovens and working equipment.

The clean up in Golfe Juan-Vallauris and other affected towns is full speed ahead and it looks like the French government is throwing everything at this mess to minimise the negative effects on homes, lives and businesses. This includes putting tax and social charges bills on hold until the businesses concerned get back up on their feet and a fund generated to pay out ahead of the insurance companies processing the claims.  Our thoughts and condolences go to all those that lost their lives in this tragedy and their families.  All this devastation generated by around an hour of the most intense rainfall I have ever witnessed.

On an environmental note this kind of weather disturbance is clearly not going to go away.  So as a community I believe passionately that divers have a responsibility to speak out and make others face up to this very “Inconvenient Truth”.

Diving conditions are expected to be asbsolutely fine for the weekend so for anybody thinking of a late season long weekend break our message would be don’t hesitate…