Master Scuba Diver


Take the Master Scuba Diver challenge!

The Master Scuba Diver Rating is the highest qualification for a leisure scuba diver (non professional) in the PADI system. It is a great achievement and shows that you have a broad and deep range of diving knowledge and experience. It is sometimes, with good reason, referred to as the “Black belt” of leisure scuba diving. It is awarded to divers who have reached the level of Rescue Diver and who have completed five PADI Specialty Courses.  There are many advantages in gaining this rating, including big increases in confidence of much more coaching from a good instructor. Your passion and commitment as a diver will also naturally increase as you learn much more about five facets of diving that really interest you.


You need to have 5 PADI Specialties. To find the list of the PADI specialty we teach, please go to the section “specialty course”.



On demand. As a reminder, you may be able to get credit for any Adventure dive to count as the first dive of any given specialty, making pursuit of your goal more affordable. We also do combined deals for two specialties at once, making things cheaper financially.


  • 12 years old
  • Be certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver
  • To be certified MSD you will need to have 50 logged dives.