The mid June news…Aqualung Partner Centre, Rebreather Day 15th September, and more…

The sun is shining on the Cote d’Azur again after a bit of unsettled early June weather.  Water surface temperature 21 degrees, plenty of the usual suspects to be found underwater including loads of Octopi, Morays, Barracuda, Dentex, Grouper and a great diversity of sea-slugs, nudibranches, gobies and blennies for you Macro lovers.


We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Aqualung, one of the foremost quality brands in scuba diving.  Included within their offering are products by Suunto, Apeks, Whites and Green Force.  Our clients will soon have the opportunity to try out their latest range of BCD’s, equipped with the excellent I3 low pressure inflator system.  Plus we have three Blizzard drysuits for hire for those who are sensitive to the cold and fancy doing their PADI Dry Suit Specialty in the Autumn and Winter.  That way one can Dive Anywhere, Anytime!


We are fortunate to have the presence of Jean-Francois Andre (aka JEFF), one of France’s foremost technical diving instructors on this day to give clients an introduction to Rebreathers.  These amazing machines give numerous advantages whilst diving, including extended bottom times, less Nitrogen loading….and either fewer or no bubbles.   Come along and hear what JEFF has to say, and then get the opportunity to try diving with one in the afternoon.  To reserve a place please contact us at the usual e-mail address.


Kevin and Conal for their Open Waters, Annie for her PPB dive, Nic on his Rescue Diver, Ross on his DrySuit specialty and Antje & Yannick on their DSD’s.  Good stuff guys, well done!!!

Stay tuned for more news soon from the Diamond Diving team.